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Press Release

We are in the process of assessing the damage at our schools as a result of Hurricane Michael. At this point all have some damage, with some having significant damages. Damages to power infrastructure across the district are extreme.  With these facts, we do not anticipate being able to reopen schools before the first of November.  While we will try our best to speed up the process of restoration, we want families to be prepared for students to have this extended time out of school.

If things move faster than anticipated, we will adjust this start date accordingly.  To all of our employees, your pay will not be affected by these cancelled school days. Superintendent Larry Moore and the Board Members wish to express their concern for all who are dealing with personal loss of property and the businesses in our communities who have experienced damage.  We stand with you in the recovery process. We know that Jackson County will pull together and be strong in the aftermath of the storm.