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Ahoy, Pirate Nation!

The time is here for another voyage across the treacherous sea of education.  Our last voyage was a tremendous success.  We experienced so many variances in the temperament of the educational sea but this experienced, dedicated crew persevered through every peak and valley.  When the seas calmed, we received the results of our hard work on the sea of education, an "A" School we are!!!  Congratulations to the crew of this fine ship, better known as the Sneads High School Pirates...students, staff, faculty, administration, parents, and the Sneads community!  Each of you played an important role in the success of our 2017-18 fantastic voyage.

Now, it is out to sea again but this time with a few new mates.  But, as Captain of this ship, I rest assured that these mates are ready for the rigors tasks they'll face on this journey.  With the guidance of an experienced crew and a hunger to surpass the results of our last voyage, this journey promises to be better than any voyage we've ever experienced before.  However, for this to happen, we will need all hands on deck.  All students need to be prepared and ready to learn, teachers ready to teach, staff ready to assist in any way needed for the crews success.  We need parents supporting the students and school, ensuring that the students attend school each day, ALL day, to receive the instruction needed to fulfill our goal.  We need continued community support in all the activities of the school, to visit the school periodically to show our students your support of academics as well as athletics. We need everyone rowing the same way in order to help mold and guide these young minds on our journey to make them more than just better students, but also better people!

Join us on this "Fantastic Voyage".  You'll be glad you did and so will we!


Bon Voyage,

Ron Mitchell


Achieving  Academic Success...Today...Tomorrow...Together!