Pirate Pride Band » Welcome to the SHS Band Web Page, under new 'construction'!

Welcome to the SHS Band Web Page, under new 'construction'!

SHS Band members (current students!) and their parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to register for notices from the "Remind" system. This will be used almost exclusively for the notification (reminders!) of upcoming events (concerts, rehearsals), changes to the published schedules, and/or deadlines for band members, only. It won't have much that is "private" or personal, and will probably be of little or no use or interest for anyone else!
To get "Remind" notices as text messages to your cell phone, open a new text message, address it to:
In the message box, type in this text message:
...and "Send!"
You can also get "Remind" notices through e-mail (you can AND may do both!). FROM THE E-MAIL ACCOUNT where you want to receive SHS Band notices, send an e-mail to:
You may leave the 'Subject' blank; leave the message box blank, too--no one will be able to read a message directly from THIS e-mail...just sending it FROM your preferred e-mail address to this address will activate future notices TO this 'preferred' e-mail address of yours!
I've already used this system to give parents up-to-the-minute estimates as to when we should arrive back at school after "road trips". It is very important that your child gets picked up promptly, as at least one chaperone PLUS the Band Director are required to wait at the band room until every child is picked up. PLEASE do not leave us...and your child...waiting (I haven't learned, yet, how to insert a "Smiley Face" in this new format!!!).