Banner day at Sneads High School
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Friday, December 09, 2016
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The National Title I Association recently announced that Sneads High School has been named a National Title I Distinguished School by the Florida Department of Education. Sneads High School is one of up to 100 schools throughout the country that is being nationally recognized for exceptional student achievement in 2016.

A project of the National Title I Association, the National Title I Distinguished Schools Program publicly recognizes qualifying Title I schools for the outstanding academic achievements of their students.  It highlights the efforts of schools across the country making significant improvements for their students. The program has been in place since 1996, showcasing the success of hundreds of schools in one of three categories:

-Exceptional student performance for two consecutive years.

-Closing the achievement gap between student groups.

-Excellence in serving special populations of students.

Title I is the cornerstone of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. It is the largest federally funded pre-college education program in the United States and provides funding to school districts across the country to aid in the education of economically disadvantaged students.

The National Title I Association is a membership organization made up of the Title I Directors from each of the states and territories, who are charged with managing their state Title I program to ensure compliance with federal regulations and to ensure that all children — especially those living in economically disadvantaged conditions — have the opportunity to receive a high quality education.

The National Title I Association implemented the National Title I Distinguished Schools Program to highlight selected schools that have successfully used their Title I federal funds to improve the education for economically disadvantaged students.

News of the recognition at SHS comes just weeks after nearby Sneads Elementary School learned it had been tapped to participate in East Coast Technical Assistance Center’s Exceeding Expectations Project for the second time, a distinction also based on student achievement.

On Thursday, SHS staff commemorated the achievement by unveiling a banner that reads “Sneads High School National Title I Distinguished School 2016.”

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