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Karen  Hall Staff Photo

Supply List 




1     2-inch, 3-ring binder

1     3-prong folder with pockets (for journal entries only)

       Loose-leaf notebook paper for binder & folder

       #2 pencils with working erasers

2     highlighters (different colors)


Colors of 3-prong folders:  

Check your daily class schedule and the list below.                        

        2nd pd:  blue

        3rd pd:  yellow

        4th pd:  green

        5th pd:  red

        6th pd:  orange

        7th pd:  black


Classroom Supplies: 

Check your schedule and the list below.  For the period you have English II, you are to bring that corresponding item.  These will be used by all students.   

       2nd pd: hand sanitizer (not trial size J)

       3rd pd: box of tissues

       4th pd: construction paper

       5th pd: box of tissues

       6th pd: post-it notes (for class activities)

       7th pd: poster markers