Agenda for Week #1 (April 1st-April 8th)

We are in our final grading period! Our topic is “Survival” and we have some great stories to read!
We are all learning this new format for school. Be patient! Communicate with me! 
This week we will focus on conflict (external and internal), suspense, foreshadowing, and elements of plot. Here is a list of this week's activities: 
1.    Complete the following journal writing assignment and upload in FOCUS. Please complete prior to reading the story. 
Journal Topic: What does it mean to be a survivor? What qualities does a survivor have that those who struggle or fail lack? Do you think you are a survivor? Do you think "survival of the fittest" applies to humans in the same way it applies to the animal world? Answer the questions and write to explain your answers. 

2.    Work through the tutorial to review our selected literary terms. As usual, complete the worksheet as you complete the tutorial. The worksheet is below.You can download it, click "enable editing" and should be able to type your answers on the page. Complete and upload into FOCUS. 
3.    Read "The Most Dangerous Game."  This is assigned on CommonLit (on JWAY), or you will receive a paper copy if you've requested this.  
4.   Answer the questions on the CommonLit assignment and the close reading worksheet (Most Dangerous Game suspense pdf file below). If you aren't able to type on the suspense pdf, you can write the answers on a separate sheet of paper, take a picture and upload OR you can type answers on a word document and upload into FOCUS. 
5.  I do plan to try a ZOOM conference with each of my classes during this time. Please keep a check on FOCUS messenger for your invite! Contact me if you have any questions regarding the assignments. I think you will enjoy this story! Can't wait to talk about it with you!